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We are VR Trend Magazine.
Inspired by the gaming magazines we loved growing up, we are the proud founders of the biggest irony in our industry - a print magazine about the virtual reality world! 
Only VR Trend Magazine isn’t the magazine of your youth.  With AR capabilities on nearly every page, our exclusively curated content comes to life for our readers.
With the support of over 50+ contributors in the VR community, we are delivering news about Gaming, E-sports, Creative Arts, Hardware, and the innovative ways our community is adapting VR technologies in business.
Our team works tirelessly to bring this vision to life. With our backgrounds in VR and print publishing, we provide a valuable resource to the VR community, and we want you to come along for the ride.  We just launched our Kickstarter to bring it to the next level.  This campaign will help us grow our subscriber base and hit bulk printing and shipping discounts. These cost savings will allow us to grow our team, which means we can make an even better magazine for our readers. 
The industry is growing. Thanks for helping us grow with it! 
 - Dan & Kody
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