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As founders and publishers of VR Trend Magazine, Kody Sturgis and Daniel Nelmar spend a lot of time ‘talking shop’ with other VR enthusiasts. In fact, they often appear on various podcasts to share the latest VR happenings. Whether it’s showcasing a new product, sharing the latest magazine content, or engaging in some lighthearted mockery of each other, Kody and Daniel have a lot to say, and it’s worth hearing!

That’s why they’re often invited to speak on VR podcasts. Between Realities and are two popular VR podcasts that were recently graced by the presence of the VR Trend founders.

Between Realities Podcast

Hosted by Alex “VR” and Skeeva, the podcast called, “Between Realities” offers the philosophical gamers perspective to everything the Virtual Reality World has to offer. As a personal fan of VR Trend Magazine, Skeeva admits that VR Trend Magazine is “more than just a VR news source, it’s a book of fine journalism from the VR community!”

In this episode, Dan and Kody reveal how they came up with the idea for a VR Trend Magazine. The guys had worked together at a publishing company when they discovered their mutual love of all things VR. The idea of a virtual reality magazine excited them. They sought feedback from the VR community on twitter, and after getting an overwhelmingly positive response, they created a Patreon.

Now they spend their days curating content, building, printing, and shipping actual magazines to mailboxes across the globe.

VR enthusiasts have loved receiving and writing for the magazine over the last year. Even the Between Realities host, Alex, has been a contributor to the magazine.

“I feel privileged to be a part of this magazine. It’s nothing but good vibes!”

Kody and Daniel noted that the more people they talk to about the magazine, the more people become interested. While their authors are not necessarily journalists, they love being a part of it and seeing their work in print.

Seeing VR work in print is pretty special when it comes to life! With a good set of VR glasses, readers can enter VR right from the pages of the magazine.

During this episode, the last physical copy of Issue #1 was raffled off. It was truly the only one of its kind, and it was autographed by Kody and Daniel themselves! It was a great way to celebrate one year of printing VR Trend Magazine.

VR Verdict Podcast

Daniel and Kody also recently appeared on the 91st VR Verdict Podcast episode, hosted by Wookie and PJ. They chatted about their recent milestone of one year in print. What started out as a fun project developed into an incredible commitment to the entire VR community, who truly depends on VR Trend Magazine as the one and only print publication on VR content.

As is the challenge with any print publication, working ahead of schedule with content creation keeps their issues relevant bimonthly. This means staying abreast of the latest and greatest developments in the VR world, which Daniel and Kody have successfully done for 5 issues.

Gaming magazines were a thing of the past until VR Trend entered the arena. The pandemic influenced their success since magazine subscriptions increased by 5% in the Spring of 2020. People are genuinely interested in various niche publications, and VR is no exception!

The guys also discussed their desire to record the history of VR in the one and only print publication. They pride themselves on chronicling the evolution of VR, allowing fans to see how the industry has changed in a tangible way.

Another exciting announcement they made on this episode was their newest Kickstarter campaign! Perhaps the most exciting development after their first year in production, VR Trend has embarked on this recent crowdfunding campaign in an effort to further develop the company. The campaign will help them grow their subscriber base and hit bulk printing and shipping discounts. These cost savings will allow them to grow their team, which translates to an even better magazine for VR Trend readers.

They also announced that select Kickstarter donors will receive a special anthology of each past issue bound together in a special book - a true collector’s item!

VR Trend Magazine has provided much to the community. From the excitement of opening your mailbox, to affording contributors an opportunity to showcase their work, this magazine is impacting people everywhere.

The hosts of VR Verdict were gracious enough to let Kody and Daniel share their experiences in a genuine conversational setting for their listeners. It was another fantastic opportunity for VR Trend Magazine to share the joy they get from producing each issue, with those who enjoy reading it.

A Bright Future

VR Trend Magazine is committed to growing their readership in the coming months.

“There are still millions of people in the VR Community who don’t know we exist. That’s our biggest hurdle right now.” -Daniel Nelmar, VR Trend Magazine

That’s why these podcasts are a valuable avenue for communicating their product to the fans who will enjoy it most. With their inevitable growth, Kody and Daniel promise exciting developments like a VR Patreon Lounge and a more user-friendly website. Until then, the limited edition print issues serve as collector’s items for an industry that has otherwise limited items to collect. There’s no doubt that VR Trend Magazine is just getting started!

Podcast appearances like these are great ways to relax and get to know the VR Trend guys on a more personal level. To stay up to date in between their guest appearances, follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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