The History Of VR Trend Magazine

VR Trend Magazine is the only publication of its kind - an old-fashioned, real-life magazine. Its topic? Virtual Reality.

That’s right! Kody Sturgis and Daniel Nelmar have taken the virtual world to a new realm - the real world! It may seem ironic, but it’s this unconventional juxtaposition that has made VR Trend Magazine the noteworthy publication it is today.

Where It Began

Having worked together at a publishing company, Kody and Dan discovered their mutual love of all things VR. So they did what any eager, business-minded VR fans would do - they created a virtual reality magazine! After pulling some ideas together, they sought feedback from the VR community on twitter, and after getting an overwhelmingly positive response, they created a Patreon.

Now they spend their days curating content, building, printing, and shipping actual magazines to mailboxes across the globe. But it hasn’t always been a fluid process. Beginning in their own homes, it took nearly a year of publishing before they set up an official office. Once they did, they switched to high gear and opened a Kickstarter campaign. After raising the funds to increase productions, they’ve set their sights on being in every newsstand across the globe.

A Team Effort

Friends and business partners, Dan and Kody work well together. Dan credits Kody with the magazine production since he’s the primary designer. Kody credits Dan with the affectionate title of “Conductor of the Hype Train” as he manages the Patreon, discord, and twitter platforms. Together, they maintain a reputation in the industry as the one and only VR publication of its kind. As a result, the issues themselves have become collectors items.

“VR Trend Magazine is inspired by what we grew up reading. Since VR doesn’t offer a ton of stuff to collect (besides headsets), a magazine offers a fun (and less expensive) way to share a passion for VR.”

-Daniel Nelmar, co-founder VR Trend Magazine

The magazine’s exclusive limited printing makes it a coveted item for the VR community. It gives people a reason to check their mail! In a time when we rarely acknowledge our snail mail, getting the latest issue in the mailbox provides excitement for all ages.

The Future Of VR Trend Magazine

Concentrating on the physical format of VR content in a world where digital content is king presents its own set of challenges. Even gaming magazines were a thing of the past until VR Trend entered the arena. The pandemic influenced their success since magazine subscriptions increased by 5% in the Spring of 2020. People are genuinely interested in various niche publications, and VR is no exception!

Dan and Kody tasked themselves with the mission of recording the history of VR in the one and only print publication. They pride themselves on chronicling the evolution of VR, allowing fans to see how the industry has changed in a tangible way. Their goal is to grow their readership and their reach.

Be A Part of VR Trend’s Future

VR Trend Magazine has provided much to the community. From the excitement of opening your mailbox, to affording contributors an opportunity to showcase their work, this magazine is impacting people everywhere. Want to be a part of it? Sign up as a Patreon and experience the membership benefits for yourself. You can also keep up with their facebook, instagram, and twitter platforms to stay informed!

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