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Are you on the leading edge of gaming technology? Are you waiting for the Oculus Quest 3 to drop in 2022? Do you feel VR technology is the wave of the future? The world is moving to virtual reality as fast as this technology can be manufactured. If you've answered yes to any of these questions, keep reading to learn how you can secure your own front-row seat to the future with VR Trend Magazine.

We've Created a Magazine Like No Other

We grew up loving gaming magazines, and we want to spread their inspiration to future generations. Fueled by those fantastic memories, we've created an innovative bi-monthly magazine centered around the latest trends and news related to virtual reality. But this magazine is like no other because we built augmented reality features right into the reading experience.

Readers can point their smartphone or VR headset at the magazine and watch the page explode into moving images! Subscribers can also enhance their experience with video pop-ups intended to complement their reading! We're helping to reshape the advertising industry by normalizing augmented and virtual reality for communicating strategic messages to consumers about products and services.

We Provide Leading Edge News and Entertainment

With only 1 year in, we've already mailed out nearly 2,500 magazine copies to the VR community! And with over 50 VR community contributors, our experts focus on the hottest topics and trends:

  • Gaming

  • E-sports

  • Creative arts

  • Hardware

  • VR in business

Our community is expanding and we want to ride the tidal wave together as this technology continues to evolve and grow! We don't want to leave anyone behind.

You Can Help Fuel Our Growth

Here's where we could use financial assistance from our expanded community. We'd like to continue putting out this groundbreaking magazine. We need to raise $6,500 to grow the business, continue bringing on amazing contributors, and cover the costs for printing and shipping.

Specifically, new investment funds will be used to:

  • Improve magazine content

  • Create new content

  • Hire 3D designers to create new AR models

  • Compensate our staff

  • Buffer printing costs

  • Build our future foundation

And grow! We'd like to expand our output by publishing 12 magazine issues per year, and we need the capital to help us with that effort.

You Can Be Part of the Future

We latched onto VR technology years ago and believe strongly in it. Our team has been working for quite some time to bring this vision to life. We want to continue our passion project of providing valuable information to this fast-paced collective. Do you want to be a part of something great? Anyone can partner with us on this adventure and be part of the future!

You can become one of the exclusive early adopters of this groundbreaking magazine. Join us on this journey by investing in our VR Trend MagazineKickstarter Campaign today! Ride the wave! You can directly give this community a voice and stay up to date on virtual reality technology trends, gaming, and the latest news.

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